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In this episode of Behind The Decks we checked in with producer and DJ, Balthazard.

Marco was born and raised in Switzerland but is based in London at time of recording, after moving to the city two years ago.

Marco’s career debut started as a live drummer and he toured across the globe including countries like the USA, China and Dubai.

After being behind the decks at main events in Switzerland and London, collaborations with brands like Michael Kors and Versace brought Balthazard to Paris and now London to play and record music.

In this episode we discuss his journey in music and why he made the move to London two years ago with his best friend Jonathan.

For issues in the industry, we discuss the isolation of studio time, as well as the pressure he feels to have to be a ‘jack of all trades’ in the music industry.

For Marco’s mental health, we discuss the impact his parents separation had on him, self-development, growth and the influence his mother had on him in going on his journey of self-development from a young child.

We also discuss the mental health impact of moving to London and the isolation that he has felt at times since living in the capital, homesickness for his home country of Switzerland, his Italian heritage and how he balances that with his Swiss roots.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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