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JCIP #164 – Antoine Brimbal


In episode 164 of The Just Checking In Podcast, we checked in with Antoine Brimbal.

Antoine is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Modern Insurgent, which is a grass-roots independent media organisation which specialises solely on insurgencies, rebellions and political movements from around the globe.

Antoine set up the project in the summer of 2022 and he is currently still a university student studying a degree in International Relations and Politics.

The spark for Antoine starting The Modern Insurgent came from his involvement in videoing an actual terrorist attack as it happened outside his home in Vienna in Austria in November 2020.

After the event, Antoine was interviewed by media outlets and since then he has started the platform, where his fellow students and others write for it.

In this episode we discuss the professional and mental health impact of that terrorist attack and how it’s shaped his life, being taken seriously in the industry and the competitive nature of conflict journalism.

For Antoine’s mental health, we discuss his French-Serbian upbringing and the values that mixed-heritage had on him, losing friends after starting The Modern Insurgent and an inner antifragility and perspective he’s had since he was a child and how it’s helped him manage his mental health then and now.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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