In episode 232 of The Just Checking In Podcast we checked in with academic and writer Samuel Mace.

Sam currently works as a teaching fellow at the University of Leeds and has a SubStack called ‘Theory Matters’. He also holds a BA and MA in Politics and a PHD, which specialised in political theory and middle-eastern studies.

We came across Sam through an article he wrote in The Critic entitled ‘Beyond mental health awareness’. The piece explores a lot of the uncomfortable conversations around mental illness and proposes some solutions we need to have if we are to truly tackle the issue.

In this episode we discuss Sam’s academic journey, a deep dive into the article, socialisation and the lack of connection in today’s society and how that specifically affects men and male loneliness.

For Sam’s mental health, we discuss a year out he took from university between his second year and third year in 2014/15 and the positive affect that had on his mental health and the importance of having strong and supportive networks in your life.

We finish by discussing the grief of losing his dad a few years ago and the metaphorical ‘bolt of lightning’ which it had on him and caused him to make some positive changes in his life.

As always, #itsokaytovent

You can read Sam’s article we discussed in The Critic in full here.

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