JCIP #238 – Claudia & Tobi


In episode 238 of The Just Checking In Podcast, we checked back in with previous guests Claudia Van-Nimwegen and Tobiah Frei for a special episode.

Claudia is a a teacher, photographer and creative. Tobiah Frei is an artist and sound engineer. They both met each other through the London church, Liberty London.

In this episode we discuss their friendship, faith, creative commonalities and how our Founder Freddie and Tobi supported Claudia through a very serious mental health crisis she had in December 2022.

Claudia was hospitalised from a Stroke and was struggling with her finances at the time due to the low paying role she was in at the time and not being able to work.

Tobi set up a crowdfunder through the church to give Claudia the support she needed to get back on her feet and begin her recovery properly when she was discharged from hospital.

In this episode we have an honest and open conversation about how a crisis like Claudia’s doesn’t just affect the person but everyone around them, how you can support someone in your life who might be going through their own crisis and encourage that person to take ownership of their mental health, at the right time.

We also discuss the uncomfortable conversations around detachment if a person’s mental health crisis becomes too difficult for you to sustain.

Claudia and Tobi are two of our favourite guests and have been on the podcast a combined seven times!

We’re very proud of how far they have both come and are a shining example of the power of the community that we have tried to build here at Vent.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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