Vent is expanding the Just Checking In Podcast family with the launch of ‘Reel Stories’.

This theatrical-focused series will check-in with actors, producers, writers and performers from across the film and theatre industry.

Each pod we’ll discuss every aspect of the stage and theatre with our special guests, including: the roles or projects that have meant the most to our special guests, access, issues within the industry, their mental health journey’s and much more.

Freddie Cocker, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Vent said: “Acting and drama was a big part of my life right up until the age of 16 and the stage was somewhere I could be the fullest version of myself. In many ways, it was somewhere I could escape from traumatic social environments. This has been a series I have wanted to launch for a long time. It gives me great pride to provide a voice to actors and theatre-lovers alike and give them a space where they can vent about the issues that affect them and the industry they love.”

We also have a brand-new theme-tune to accompany the series, provided by London disco-act Ekkah.

You’ll be able to hear their record ‘Backseat Driver’ in every episode of Reel Stories. You can listen to the full track here.

You can listen to Ekkah on streaming platforms below:

You can also find them on social media below:

The first episode of Reel Stories launches Tuesday 16th November.

Listen to the Just Checking In Podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotifySoundCloud and other streaming platforms. 


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