Behind The Mic – Cavalcade – Part 2


In this episode of our Behind The Mic series, we checked back in with UK rock band, Cavalcade.

In JCIP #25 we checked in with guitarist Jack Campbell, this time we checked in with Jack and lead singer Connor.

In this episode we discuss Connor’s music journey and how he got involved in the band, what they’ve been up to and their plans for the future.

We also talk about a period of depression Connor went through at university and how he’s been exposed to mental health difficulties in supporting Jack through the grief of losing his dad we discussed in part one and his battle with disassociation.

For Jack, we talk about how he has overcome the worst of his disassociation and learned some tools in how to deal with it when it crops up in his day-to-day life.

We also talk about his recent diagnosis of Body Dysmorphia (BD). We explore why men and boys feel so much stigma around body image issues like BD and how he’s navigating the next stage of his mental health journey.

As always, #itsokaytovent

You can listen to JCIP #25 with Jack here.

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TRIGGER WARNING: This podcast contains discussions about self-harm and suicide, which some listeners may find distressing or upsetting, so please listen with caution.


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