JCIP #157 – Lewis Baxter


In episode 157 of The Just Checking In Podcast we checked in with Lewis Baxter.

Lewis is the founder of Hullo, which aims to give anyone and everyone access to conversation.

Hullo provides a free call line that is open 9am to 9pm every day of the year and exists to unlock the power of conversation and create an inclusive, safe and non-judgmental space for people to chat and connect with others.

Lewis is also the Chief Operating Officer of Kurogo, a branding agency which helps the most exciting CEOs and founders to build powerful personal brands.

On top of all of that, Lewis founded another mental health platform a few years ago called The Blurred Line Group (BLG), which is the UK’s first funding hub for local mental health charities and community projects.

BLG strives to change the way mental health charities are supported in the UK and bring clarity to mental health for all.

We were supposed to check in with Lewis three years ago but tragically, Lewis’s mum developed cancer and he took time away from public speaking to care for her.

Tragically, when Lewis was just 21-years-old, Lewis’s mum died and he has been processing and managing the grief and his life without his mum in the proceeding years.

In this episode we talk about Lewis’s professional journey and navigating his way through founding multiple mental health organisations and up to his work now with Kurogo, how he became a mental health advocate and public speaker, how he developed those skills and his plans for the future.

For Lewis’s mental health, he had a mental health crisis in 2016 which led to him almost taking his own life. We discuss the build-up to that moment and what triggered it, the event itself and how he turned his life around from that moment.

We also talk about the grief of his mum, the relationship he had with her, what it’s like losing a parent at the young age he did and navigating the rest of his life without her.

As always, #itsokaytovent

You can follow Lewis on social media below:

You can contact the Hullo helpline on 0800 001 4455 9am-9pm daily.

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TRIGGER WARNING: This podcast contains deep discussions about suicide, grief and loss, which some listeners may find distressing or upsetting, so please listen with caution.


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