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JCIP #177 – Amber Haque


In episode 177 of The Just Checking In Podcast we checked in with journalist Amber Haque.

Amber is a freelance journalist and the presenter of ‘Hometown: A Killing’ series two. The show followed Amber as she went back to her hometown of Manchester to investigate the death of teenager Yousef Makki, who was privately educated.

In this episode we discuss the themes the series explores through a mental health lens including: why so many private school boys are gravitating towards carrying knives and the mental stress Amber faced from presenting the series when she knew so many of the people involved in the series personally.

We also discuss anxiety she’s felt in the workplace throughout her varied career and the financial challenges of being a freelancer in the industry.

For Amber’s mental health, we discuss her desire to be mentally assessed after she realised she may have ADHD and has exhibited symptoms of it throughout childhood and adulthood respectively.

As always, #itsokaytovent

You can watch Hometown series two on BBC iPlayer here.

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