JCIP #34 – Ash Ledran


In the thirty-fourth episode of the Just Checking In Podcast we spoke to mental health advocate Ash Ledran.

Ash is the Founder of mental health platform Op_n.

Op_n provides its audience with inspiration, resources and tools to help them feel safe expressing mental health issues that affect our day-to-day lives.

Op_n gives people a platform to share their story and has built a community of mental health heroes determined to crush the stigma around mental health. Their mission is to do what they can to make sure that no-one feels they are alone.

In this pod we discussed Op_n and how and why Ash decided to create it, Ash’s own mental health journey, including a discussion about grief and the passing of Ash’s grandfather which precipitated him going through a mental health crisis.

We also discussed Ash’s three peaks challenge and the learnings and experiences he took from it, fatherhood and of course, a mental health chat!

As always, #itsokaytovent

Find out more about Op_n here.

Read about Ash’s mental health story in full here.

Read more about Ash’s three peaks challenge here.

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