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The Just Checking In Pod – A Statement


At Vent the well-being and mental health of every guest who agrees to come on the Just Checking In Podcast is our number one priority.

After each pod goes out, the positive feedback and engagement every guest gets as a result of their openness and bravery is the reason why we do this. It’s the reason we put so much of our time and effort into making the JCIP and Vent what it is.

However, we know that the topics, events and experiences our guests speak about are often sensitive, triggering and sometimes traumatic for them and their wider network.

Very often the guest is speaking about these traumas for the first time.

It is important for us to say that people’s positions and stories are sometimes fluid and can change over time.

It is unrealistic of us at Vent to believe or expect that every single podcast guest will remain in the same place after a podcast is launched and sometimes that means podcast episodes will be taken down.

This was the case with our last episode of ‘Behind The Decks – DJ Pollyanna’ and we have taken this down to respect the guest and their families wishes.

To ensure a situation like this does not happen again, we have put even more safeguarding processes in place to give every guest piece of mind about their episode.

Everything we do at Vent is to help people. Like anyone, we are not perfect and we are constantly trying to do better and help more people in the most compassionate and empathetic way possible.

Thank you for your continued support now and in the future.


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