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JCIP #103 – Phil Addison


In episode 103 of The Just Checking In Podcast, we checked in with the other half of the Goals Don’t Move Podcast, Phil Addison.

Phil is the co-founder of the podcast along with best friend of our Founder Freddie Cocker and special guest on JCIP #50, James Lamb.

James and Phil met whilst they were both studying at The University of South Carolina. In this episode we discuss how the pair met, their relationship and how the podcast has strengthened Phil’s presentation skills in the workplace.

We also discuss Phil’s experience of living with ADHD from an early age. On the spectrum of ADHD, Phil says his ADHD was not as severe as other people who live with the neurological condition. He did need to go on medication for it but he says the ADHD has never held him back in life.

We also talk about Phil’s weight loss journey and his desire to become a healthier and better version of himself.

We discuss how his friends teasing of him when he was tempted to stray from the path helped him achieve his goals, why he found that to be a positive thing for him and how that weight loss has improved his self-esteem and physical health.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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