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JCIP #128 – Limpidă


In episode 128 of The Just Checking In Podcast, we checked in with Limpidă.

Limpidă is a male detransitioner from the U.S.A whose pseudonym means ‘pure’ or or ‘clarity’ in Romanian.

Detransitioned males are some of, if not THE most stigmatised men on the planet. The very few that have gone public with their stories go by pseudonyms like Limpidă to protect their identity.

L as we call him on the pod for short detransitioned in May 2021 when his worldview that he believed he was a woman fell apart.

L is autistic and talks about living with autogynephilia which he says contributed towards his desire to transition to live as a trans woman.
He also had a porn addiction which he said contributed to it as well.

In this episode we discuss self-harm he did in the form of nail-biting and the high levels of health anxiety he had as a child.

We move on to discuss his teenage years and how he felt an outcast for being a gender stereotype non-conforming male. He was bullied for being a sensitive and sometimes effeminate boy and would often be accused of being gay because he preferred hanging out with girls instead of hyper-masculine males who would pick on him.

L then got into a toxic long-term relationship with a girl who was also autistic and ended up transitioning herself to a trans man.

L says that this relationship involved him being asked by his partner to perform consensual but BDSM sexual acts on them. He was deeply uncomfortable with doing this and made him internalise fears of being a predator and rapist.

He says ‘feminist ideology’ encouraged him to identify as non-binary and then as a woman and we discuss how hearing the phrase ‘toxic masculinity’ made him feel like his masculinity was something he wanted to escape from.

L then joined a left-wing cult whilst at university and found it difficult to retain what he had left of his mental health through this abusive environment. He went to a Planned Parenthood clinic, started taking oestrogen aged 21 and transitioned to live as a trans woman before his eventual detransition a few years later.

Thank you to Limpidă for being our first male detransitioner on the JCIP!

As always, #itsokaytovent

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TRIGGER WARNING: This podcast contains a deep and detailed discussion of self-harm, which some listeners may find distressing or upsetting, so please listen with caution.


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