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JCIP #141 – Micah Fanimo


In episode 141 of The Just Checking In Podcast we checked in with Micah Fanimo.

Micah is the founder of food blog and platform ‘Feast with Fanimo’, where he reviews restaurants from London, Essex and Liverpool.

Micah is also a survivor of domestic abuse and the first male survivor we have had on the podcast.

In this episode we discuss his mental health journey; being sent to Nigeria for school from the UK because of behavioural issues, the subsequent relationship challenges with his parents and learning more about them as people as he’s become an adult.

We then discuss that domestic abusive relationship, how his female partner began to exert coercive control over him, her high levels of jealousy and paranoia, his aversion to conflict and the spiral into physical violence against him before an event which culminated in the end of his relationship where he was physically assaulted in her home.

He had to physically restrain her in order to escape the premises before she called the police on him alleging she was the one being abused.

Both of them were arrested despite the physical cuts, blood and scars visible on him before he was released without charge and he never saw her again.

We explore all the stigmas present in male domestic abuse survivors, why some survivors struggle in recognising it even happened to them and why they feel ashamed in reporting their abuse, speaking out and seeking support.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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