JCIP #173 – Nathan Wilson


In episode 173 of The Just Checking In Podcast we checked in with Nathan Wilson.

Nathan is the Founder of Dads Advocates.

Dads Advocates is a social enterprise and platform that seeks to implement change in three areas of life.

Firstly, they help separated dad’s create safe, consistent and meaningful relationships with their children, by reducing parental conflict, creating workable co-parenting strategies and if required, guiding Dad’s through the process of family court.

Second, they protect children’s rights by instilling a child-centre approach to co-parenting. Reducing emotional harm on children by reducing parental conflict.

Thirdly, they campaign for change in legislation, policies and attitudes towards Dads. By challenging stereotypes and breaking down societal barriers to meaningful fatherhood, they are changing the conversation around treatment of fathers in the family court and wider society.

Nathan’s drive to create Dads Advocates came from his own story of being domestically abused by his first wife, who claimed he had raped her and domestically abused her in order to gain custody of his children through the divorce process, which initially she succeeded with.

Thankfully, despite a lengthy and exhausting back-and-forth legal battle, Nathan gained full custody of his children and has had more children with his second wife who he is now happily married to.

In this episode we discuss this rollercoaster journey Nathan has been on and how he used this experience to create Dads Advocates.

We then discuss the realities of the family court for fathers, how men are treated within it and the campaigning work he does to change that conversation.

As always, #itsokaytovent

You can find out more about Dads Advocates here.

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TRIGGER WARNING: This podcast contains a brief discussion about suicide and a graphic description of a false allegation of sexual abuse, which some listeners may find distressing or upsetting, so please listen with caution.


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