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JCIP #178 – Torren Danowski


In episode 178 of The Just Checking In Podcast we checked in with Torren Danowski.

Torren is the Founder of ‘Don’t Tread On Philly’, a U.S. libertarian political organisation and the former Libertarian candidate for Mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He has also transitioned and then detransitioned at two different stages of his life.

In this episode we discuss his experience of anxiety and depression, workplace bullying, perfectionism and how all of these factors led to the sex dysphoria he went onto experience.

Once he began experiencing this dysphoria, he says he saw it and transition as an escape from the issues he was running away from.

He is also brave enough to admit there was some elements of what my previous guest N-Jada called ‘romantic autogynephilia’.

Torren transitioned and began going by his trans name of Audrey.

However, after a dream he had followed by a 3-week period of realisation, he came to the conclusion that continuing to live as a transwoman was not the path for him and he subsequently detransitioned back to living as Torren.

We discuss this entire journey, from transition to detransition and how he’s got to the state of stability and happiness he is now.

We also discuss how sex dysphoria is affecting the mental health of other young boys and men like him, why he thinks we need to move away from a black and white thinking towards treatment of sex dysphoria itself and what we need to do to help these boys find purpose, direction and the right path for them, whether its transition or not.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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