JCIP #18 – Bree Leahy


In the eighteenth episode of the Just Checking In Podcast, we spoke to Vent Champion Bree Leahy.

Bree at time of recording is a full-time University student at the University of East London and is studying for a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in Sport, Physical Education and Development.

She has written for Vent’s poetry section about her experiences as a young gay woman as well as an article about having to be a part-time carer for her grandmother and the grief she experienced when she lost her.

We spoke about those experiences as well as her mental health journey, her coming out story, the homophobia she’s experienced at University and before it and of course, a mental health chat.

As always, #itsokaytovent

Read the full article Bree wrote about caring for her grandmother here.

You can also read the poem Bree wrote for Vent we discussed on this podcast here.

Music: Patawawa – Strange


This podcast contains discussions around suicide which some listeners may find distressing or upsetting so please listen with caution.


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