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JCIP #185 – Josh Storkey


In episode 185 of The Just Checking In Podcast, we checked in with food entrepreneur Josh Storkey.

Josh is the Founder and inventor of Stork Sauce, a range of hot sauces that can be used on a range of foods to inject flavour and excitement.

Josh has always been intrigued by how fermentation can change and develop new flavours in food. During the Covid-19 period in the summer of 2020 and with a lot of time on his hands, he began experimenting.

After he landed on the ideal recipe and formula, Stork Sauce was born.

In this episode we discuss Josh’s culinary journey and the brand of Stork Sauce, the challenges of being an entrepreneur whist juggling a full-time job and the connections he’s made with other entrepreneurs and influencers.

For Josh’s mental health, Josh moved around a lot when he was a child and struggled to achieve stability as a child and teenager as a result. At one point he had moved house five times in seven years. This had an impact on his ability to build friendships, fit in and feel comfortable. He says he is still feeling the aftershocks of this to some degree today.

We go onto discuss his university years where on the one hand, he found that stability he had been craving and forged strong positive connections and friendships.

However, on the other end, Josh went from being one of the highest achievers in his school intellectually to in his words, comparatively ‘fairly average’ on his university course, such was the level of intellectual ability at Bath where he studied and he experienced some imposter syndrome here as a result.

We finish by discussing a serious stroke his mother had in 2022, how that impacted his mental health, his family’s and why it’s given him a greater perspective on life.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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