In episode 195 of The Just Checking In Podcast we checked in with writer Alina Clough.

Alina has a regular column for Evie Magazine and in this episode we discuss how she got into professional writing, from initially writing about conservation issues to how she landed her regular column at Evie today.

We came across Alina through one of her articles in Evie entitled ‘Dance Moms Are Using Social Media To Digitally Pimp Out Their Daughters’ which exposes a hugely disturbing sexual abuse scandal of a group of mothers using social media to digitally pimp out their daughters.

These children range from babies to pre-teen dancers and the mothers deliberately target sexual predators online to view this content which the algorithms amplify.

In this episode we take a deep, dark dive into this world and how these mothers are getting away with the sexual abuse of their children whilst hiding in completely plain sight.

We also discuss why Alina became disillusioned with a lot of mainstream female-targeted media outlets, dating apps and how employers are now offering free egg freezing for women in the USA and the implications of this on fertility.

For Alina’s mental health, we discuss her diagnosis of ADHD when she was studying her post-graduate degree, her experience of taking medication for it and how her faith has benefited her mental health in recent months.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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You can read the article we discussed about dance mums and sexual abuse in full here.

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