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JCIP #201 – Madeleine Davies


In episode 201 of The Just Checking In Podcast we checked in with journalist and author Madeleine Davies.

Madeleine is currently Senior Writer at The Church Times.

Madeleine is also the author of the book ‘Lights For The Path’, which aims to help young adults and teenagers dealing with grief.

Madeleine wrote the book out of her own grief she experienced when she lost her mother when she was 12 years old and wanted a resource that would have helped her when she was younger.

In this episode we discuss how she got into journalism including being a member of CBBC’s Newsround press pack as a child, the role of the church in local communities in supporting people with mental health difficulties, the relationship between prayer and mental health and how many vicars and members of the clergy have suffered with mental health issues themselves.

We also discuss how she maintains professional balance as a journalist in her reporting when writing about scandals that hit the Church of England as an institution, particularly issues of child sexual abuse (CSA).

We then discuss the themes she discusses in her book and move onto Madeleine’s mental health journey where we discuss the grief for her mother in-depth, how it impacted her desire to have children of her own and the power of her own faith in shaping her decisions, her mental health and her outlook on life.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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