JCIP #212 – Zac Fine


In episode 212 of The Just Checking In Podcast we checked in with Zac Fine.

Zac is a therapist, former journalist and podcaster.

Zac brands himself as ‘The Masculinity Therapist’ and focuses on helping men and boys with their mental health.

He has a particular focus on helping divorced men through a method he employs called ‘The Ceasefire Method’ and advocates for greater awareness around the UK’s family court system and how men can navigate it.

Zac is also a facilitator at Temper Domestic Violence, which offers a therapeutically informed course to people whose abusive behaviour in their intimate relationships is a concern.

In this episode we discuss his professional journey, from starting out in journalism and a period of time he spent living in France.

He then unexpectedly had a child with his then-partner and moved back to the UK to live closer to her and switched careers to public relations.

After a few years of this, he had a breakdown and moved back to his childhood home of Cornwall where he did corporate copywriting and a lot of surfing.

After realising he was drifting in life, he began volunteering at The Samaritans and took the plunge to train as a therapist, which he qualified as in 2018.

We discuss his work, the ‘Masculinity Therapist’ podcast, parental alienation and the stigma men feel in speaking out about this issue and others when they affect them.

For Zac’s mental health, we discuss fatherhood, depression and a very unfortunate sexual accident which caused him a huge amount of sexual shame and caused him to spiral into a very dark place with his mental health.

We finish by discussing his decision to be abstinent from alcohol in order for him to be the best therapist and person he can be.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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