In episode 221 of The Just Checking In Podcast we checked in with British-Palestinian journalist Hamza Ali Shah.

Hamza has outlets including Tribune Magazine, Dazed, Byline Times, Novara Media and The New Arab.

We came across Hamza through his article in Tribune called ‘Palestinian Lives Behind Bars’ which examines the plight, injustice and hardship of Palestinians imprisoned under the current Israeli government.

In this episode we do a deep dive into this article and the mental health themes it explores, a brief history of the Israel-Palestine conflict from the Palestinian perspective and what hope he has for the future and peace.

For industry issues, we discuss comparison culture, social class and work-life balance.

For Hamza’s mental health, we discuss the role that his Muslim faith has had on his life, mental resilience and antifragility and the grief he experienced in losing his grandfather in 2017 who lived in the West Bank.

As always, #itsokaytovent

You can follow Hamza on social media below:

You can read the article we discussed on the treatment of Palestinian prisoners in full here.

*Please note this podcast was recorded before the October 7th massacre by Hamas and their invasion of Israel and as such, this topic was not covered.

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