This is Part 2 of our check in with Koggno Founder Kirsty Martin.

In this episode we discuss some elements of exclusionary behaviour she experienced whilst at boarding school and some other traumatic events which we discuss in-depth in the podcast.

Kirsty then went to university in Edinburgh where, perhaps as a statement of the university system around class, was surrounded with other people from boarding school educations again.

She then started dating a boy which became toxic quite quickly. It was never a proper relationship, more of a ‘situationship’, as Kirsty called it.

Her mental health was significantly impacted and she ended this relationship. However, she started drinking excessively and put herself into a couple of very dangerous situations after nights out.

After reaching a state of crisis, she was fortunate enough to access therapy privately to start her recovery and, in her words ‘turn up for myself’.

We chart all of these events, how they led to the creation of Koggno and her acknowledgement that she still has a lot of work to do.

Despite all of the interviews she has done with her own guests on the Koggno podcast, this is the first time Kirsty has spoken publicly and in this depth about her mental health and we are grateful to Kirsty for sharing this on the JCIP.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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