JCIP #28 – Jack Sirkett


In the twenty-eighth episode of the Just Checking In Podcast, we spoke to UK DJ, Jack Sirkett.

Jack is a regular DJ on the London and UK touring circuit and was the first contributor to our ‘Behind the Decks’ feature, which gives a voice to DJs and producers who wish to share their mental health experiences in the music industry or outside it.

Jack is also Founder of London not-for-profit collective, Artsclub.

Artsclub is a not-for-profit collective, which focuses on bringing the creative community together by showcasing music and the visual arts and gives opportunities for artists within club culture to express themselves, whether they DJ, design or exhibit.

With an emphasis on raising money for local charities, Artsclub wants to give something back to the music scene they know and love so much.

Jack also wrote an article for Vent about his experiences of living with tinnitus which was the first topic we discussed with him. We also discussed his music and DJing journey, his favourite music literature, his mental health journey and of course a mental health chat!

Read the article Jack wrote on tinnitus in full here.

You can also read the article Jack wrote for Behind the Decks here.

If you’re a musician and have lived experience of tinnitus and need extra help or support, you can find out about the Musicians Hearing Health Scheme mentioned on the pod here.

If you are a musician and are struggling with your mental health, you can find out about Music Minds Matter mentioned on the pod here.

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As always, #itsokaytovent

Music: PatawawaStrange


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