JCIP #30 – Colm Brett


In the thirtieth episode of the Just Checking In Podcast we spoke to videographer, photographer and Venue and Events Bar Manager in the live music venue industry, Colm Brett.

Colm is also Founder of Colm Brett Visuals. where he shows clients and his audience the world through his lens.

In this pod we discussed Colm’s work as a events professional, the venues he has worked at and how they help the mental health of their respective clientele.

We also discussed how he and his fellow colleagues manage their own mental health amongst the long hours, unsociable working patterns and the camaraderie that fosters amongst them.

Also on the menu was Colm’s own mental health journey and his experiences of anxiety and panic attacks whilst writing his University dissertation, travelling and of course a mental health chat!

As always, #itsokaytovent

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Music: PatawawaStrange


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