In the forty-fourth episode of the Just Checking In Podcast, we spoke to Brian Kapuku.

Brian works full-time as a Financial Affairs Officer and is also studying part-time for a Graduate Diploma in Law.

Since we connected with Brian through previous JCIP guest Shane Tewiah, Brian has been a big supporter of Vent on social media and has helped Vent reach new audiences, particularly in the black community.

In this pod we discussed Brian’s journey in law, representation of black law professionals in the UK and their visibility in popular culture.

We also discussed Brian’s mental health journey, his childhood in North London, bullying he experienced for his weight and never feeling like he fitted in anywhere and racism and its relationship with mental health.

As always, #itsokaytovent

Follow Brian on social media below:

Music: PatawawaStrange

TRIGGER WARNING: this pod contains a very brief discussion of suicidal thoughts which some listeners may find distressing so please listen with caution.



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