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T. E. A. C. H. E. R.


T. E. A. C. H. E. R.

T – Totally and uncontrollably in love with working with children and seeing them become reflective, kind and self- assured

E – Every day bringing new challenges and situations I didn’t ever think I would have to deal with

A – Asking questions that make me question my own ability to truly support needs I have never encountered until now

C – Cooperating with and coaching tiny humans who are living lives unimaginable and incomparable to my own experience of childhood

H – Having no concept of a job that allows you to do one thing at a time

E – Ending a day so exhausted I can barely muster any words to anyone

R – Realising that through everything, there is nothing better than those tiny moments that show you the impact you’ve had on one moment for one child – academically or otherwise

This poem was written anonymously

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Photo by Daniel Watson on Unsplash



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