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About Us

Vent’s mission is to:

  • Provide a safe space where everyone, but especially men and boys can express themselves
  • Break down the stigma around mental health
  • Start conversations.

Freddie Cocker, Vent Founder and Editor-in-Chief lays out our vision in more detail below:

When I first started Vent, I saw that there was a paucity of platforms available where men and boys could talk about their mental health, speak openly and feel safe sharing their experiences. 

Born out of my own lived mental health experiences, I wanted to create a platform that could help everyone, but especially men and boys.

My goal for Vent is to create a place where people have an avenue to express their feelings and can live full and rich lives alongside their mental health issues. 

Vent seeks to break down the stigmas that prevent people from opening up about their mental health. It could be the first, the last or any step in-between on someone’s journey towards acceptance, tackling the problem and establishing a network of support. 

There is no topic around mental health we won’t address if it means we can help someone out there. 

If I manage to help one person out there stop themselves from taking their own life or become more accepting of who they are, then my work is done.