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“[a] successful cure of a case of homosexuality by aversion therapy. There is no doubt that

this may prove a valuable addition to our armamentarium in dealing with this difficult

disease.” [1]

Avert me, watch me vomit,
watch me cry and watch me shit.
Watch me watching two men touching,
watch me harden, think I’m sick.

Inject me and convert me,
show me mercy, show me men.
Castrate me and chastise me,
watch me yearning, watch me break.

Hear me screaming, hear me choking,
say you’re sorry, say you care.
Say I chose this, say I’m dangerous,
watch me watching, think I’m sick.

Be my mother, be my doctor,
smell my dirt and smell my shame.
Be my lover, be a woman,
watch me touching, feel the same.

Avert me, feel my forehead,
touch my chest and think I’m cured.
Watch me watching two men touching,
see me shudder, hear me wretch.

Clean my body, taste my sorrow,
know my secret, know your pain.
Watch me watching two men touching,
think it’s over, think I’ve changed.

By Nick Slater

[1] Clifford Allen, Psychiatrist, British Medical Journal, April 14, 1962

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Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash


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