In this episode of Behind The Decks we checked in with Norwegian producer, FRO$TY. We came across FRO$TY through his brilliant sophomore EP ‘STARTED // OVER’, which he released in October 2023.

In this episode we discuss his music journey in Norway, from picking up the drums when he was three years old, the guitar at 6/7 and starting to produce his own beats when he was 17.

Philip then went to production school in Oslo where he connected with a lot of his peers and began learning off them, before carving out his own path as a professional producer in 2022.

For industry issues, we discuss work-life balance and maintaining a 9-5 whilst pursuing music.

For Philip’s mental health, we discuss his early exposure to mental illness when he was 15 years old, how that impacted him and some reckless choices he made after spiralling because of this exposure.

He then changed his perspective on life, focused on what he wanted to achieve with his life, set himself goals and made a successful recovery with his mental health.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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Music: PatawawaStrange
Outro: FRO$TY – Sneaky Link



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