Behind The Decks – Harry Hayes – Part 2


In this episode of Behind The Decks, we checked back in with Australian producer and DJ, Harry Hayes.

In Part 1 we discussed comparison culture, imposter syndrome and how he felt he was in a state of ‘music purgatory’ in the industry.

In the 10 months since we checked in, Harry has gone from strength to strength, musically and personally.

He has put out four singles, including one with friend of the pod Lily Ward, released his debut EP Zephyr in February 2024, signed with a record label and performed at boat parties in Australia.

In this episode we reflect on his Part 1 and how far he’s come since we last checked in, his debut EP, broadening his musical skillset and the anxiety he still feels before playing live, how he manages it and hopefully can overcome it in the future.

For Harry’s continued mental health journey, we discuss: the growth he’s made in his personal life, visiting long-time friend of the pod Indigo Eyes in London and how he feels he has to ‘start again’ and find a new direction after taking this next step in the music industry.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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Music: PatawawaStrange
Outro: Harry Hayes – Sunflower


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