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Behind The Mic – See You At Home – Part 2


In this episode of Behind The Mic we checked back in with east London band, See You At Home.

In Part 1 Josh and Charlie talked about their experiences of anxiety, Josh’s tendency to ‘overcheck’ thing and the impact of Covid-19 as we recorded it in November 2020, just before we went into a second lockdown.

In Part 2, for Josh we get an update from the band, why they had to shelve an entire album because of its pandemic-related song writing themes and their new plans for a debut album.

We also discussed the highs and lows of doing music as a hobby vs full-time.

For their continued mental health journey, Josh talks about when he contracted shingles of all things at the start of 2021, why it was a big moment for him to start doing more self-care and the independence he’s achieved since moving out into his own flat.

For Charlie, we discuss his mental state as he turned 30 this year and the reflections he’s had on his life as he reached this milestone, the phenomenon of ‘delayed adulthood’ and the economic and social factors as to why people are feeling it.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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Music: @patawawaStrange
Outro: See You At Home – twenty-five (feat. Bentham’s Hed)


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