JCIP #25 – Cavalcade – Jack Campbell


In the twenty-fifth episode of the Just Checking In Podcast we spoke to guitarist in East London Rock band Cavalcade, Jack Campbell.

Cavalcade first came to Vent’s attention through their single ‘Blueness Is A Heavy Stone’ and the mental health themes which were present throughout the record.

To mark the launch of that single, we did a More Than A Record interview with the band about it which you can read here.

In this pod, we spoke to Jack about Cavalcade’s journey, how and why Jack got into music and Jack’s experiences of living with disassociation and anxiety.

We also discussed the impact that losing Jack’s father only a couple of years ago has had on him, his family and his mental health.

Listen to Blueness Is A Heavy Stone here.

Follow Cavalcade on social media below:

As always, #itsokaytovent

Music: PatawawaStrange


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