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Kissing Girls is Easy – Unless You’re A Girl As Well


Kissing Girls is Easy – Unless You’re A Girl As Well

By Bree Leahy

She continuously reapplies her red lipstick,
silently seducing me,
Smacking her lips together,
her demeanour drawing me in closer
and closer,
Enticing me to kiss her.

I want to.
Really, I do.
But something doesn’t feel right,
the atmosphere is strange.
This bar is deserted,
yet is still as hostile as the Wild Wild West,

We are the Outlaws: Outcasts –
Daring to be different
in a place where everyone is rigid;
Painfully straight.
I am still scared.
I hold her hand,

But I am not the only one.
These bright, white, heterosexual sets of eyes are holding them too,
these glares are wrapping words of hate and homophobic gospel around her waist
where my arms should be,
filling the gaps between our fingertips,

Stealing my place.
How do I reclaim all of this?
Distance myself from the stares,
disguise my discomfort with a smile,
kiss the girl anyway
Not just for the looks of distaste and disgust on all of the faces.

The thought of kissing her is the only idea in my brain
that isn’t completely insane.

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