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The Hole


The Hole

By Daniel Halliday

You can’t see what’s hidden deep inside me,
You can’t see the demons inside constantly stabbing me,
You can’t see the constant agony I’m suffering,
You can’t see the void and self hatred it brings.

All I allow you to see is what you want to see,
A man who can very easily fake being happy,
A big smile is what you will see on my face,
When in reality I’m planning on leaving this human race.

You don’t understand the pain that I suffer,
You don’t see all the times I’ve allowed myself to falter,
You don’t see what goes on behind closed doors,
You don’t see the image of myself I abhor.

I could be on the brink of suicide you’d never know,
Because I never ever let that side show,
I feel like I’m just one massive failure,
I pray for someone to be my saviour.

The fact is no one can save me but myself,
Yes I could do with some friendly help,
But it all ultimately falls down to me,
On whether I choose death or to finally be free.

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Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash.



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