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Editorial: The Spoken Word


The world of mental health can be a very complex and challenging place. We are still only at the stage of getting people to open up about their mental health issues and talk more, without fear of reprisal or judgement.

Since September, I have provided a space where men and women can feel comfortable talking about their mental health issues, break down stigmas and start much needed conversations.

There are many issues within the mental health umbrella that go unreported in the wider news cycle. Providing a cross-section of opinion is vitally important.

Having men from all different walks of life contribute to Vent is crucial in dispelling the monolithic stereotype that male mental health is sometimes portrayed as. In addition, having LGBT, BAME and female voices on the platform allows Vent to grow as an inter-sectional hub of content that caters and listens to as many voices as possible.

Tackling and discussing issues such as attitudes towards mental health within the South-Asian community, how mental health affects public sector workers or eating disorders allows Vent to challenge existing taboos that are not widely discussed on other outlets.

However, there are many different ways in which people can express how they feel about their mental health conditions, Vent must reflect that. This is why I’m delighted to be launching our spoken word feature.

Every single person’s mental health story is different and every individual will have a unique way of expressing how they feel about their mental health issues creatively.

Allowing authors to write their own spoken word pieces will provide a new avenue of self-expression, harness people’s creativity and expand our ability to help those living with mental health conditions. Through this, we hope everyone can reach a stage of contentment, acceptance and fulfilment in their life.


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