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JCIP #81 – Ana Diamond


In the eighty-first episode of The Just Checking In Podcast, we checked in with Ana Diamond.

Ana is a British political commentator, researcher and human rights activist who is one of the founding members of the political advocacy group ‘The Alliance Against State Hostage Taking’.

In the summer of 2014, Ana visited her birth country of Iran when she was in her second year of university.

What started out as a fun experience turned extremely worrisome as Ana and her family were imprisoned by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps who arrested her on false espionage charges and accused her of being a spy for MI6. She was only 19 years old at the time.

Ana was placed in solitary confinement for eight months where she experienced both mental torture and physical beatings at the hands of the prison guards.

She was even put through a mock execution where she genuinely believed she would be killed.

In this episode we discuss her nomadic lifestyle growing up, having to adjust to different countries and cultures, her torture experience in Iran, the PTSD that initially gave her and the concept of post-traumatic growth.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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TRIGGER WARNING: this podcast contains a deep discussion about physical abuse and torture which some listeners may find upsetting or distressing, so please listen with caution.



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