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Men Behind The Masc – Breaking Boundaries, Smashing Stigmas, Unlocking Potential


By Jordan Nimmo

We certainly live in difficult times don’t we? I’m not necessarily talking politically or environmentally. What I am talking about is the relationship the male population has with society in 2018. The stigma that is attached with being male, in my opinion, needs to be addressed and challenged. The difficulties men face from depression, anxiety and suicide, to drug abuse, fatherhood and unemployment, is simply a conversation no one is having.

Men are struggling to define their masculinity and themselves as men in a culture that increasingly stigmatises things like sexuality, aggressiveness and competitiveness. We live in a culture where traditional masculine/male traits, e.g. protectiveness, competitiveness, aggressiveness, assertiveness, sexual appetite, passion, confidence, independence, define us as male. What happens when men struggle to show these characteristics? What happens if men don’t possess these traits at all? Where can men go to talk, share their issues and express themselves?

Here at Men Behind the Masc, I want to provide a safe and secure environment, where-by men can come and talk openly and freely with one another. Away from the prejudice and the stereotypical shadow that has been lurking over men for generations.

Men Behind the Masc will be a social media platform across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It will be a safe haven where men can congregate, help each other, share each other’s stories, issues and problems British society has ignored. Joining up with Vent and addressing mental health and spreading awareness is something I think is vital and giving men a voice in 2018 is something that I intend to achieve.

For updates, articles and other content follow:

Twitter : @Behindmen

Instagram: MenBehindtheMasc

Facebook: Men Behind The Masc

Jordan Nimmo is the Founder of Men Behind the Masc


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