Vent is continuing the momentum generated by ‘Behind The Decks’ with the launch of another music-focused podcast series entitled ‘Behind The Mic’.

In this latest addition to the Just Checking In Podcast family, this series will be checking-in with a diverse range of solo artists, bands, songwriters and other performers across different music scenes in the UK and the world.

These music artists many of us idolise, adore and sometimes objectify are all human beings.

They face the same issues and mental health challenges we all go through in life and have their own unique stories to tell.

In each pod the special guests will discuss their musical journeys, their love for singing and song-writing and most importantly, the person behind the mic.

Freddie Cocker, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Vent said: “Given my love for music, I couldn’t launch just one music podcast series. I wanted to help as many musicians and artists as possible and Behind The Mic does just that. Music is a massive part of my life and I have created life-long friendships and memories with people based just on one particular band or artist we both love. I really hope this series is received as well as Behind The Decks and has just as big an impact.”

The first episode of Behind The Mic launches Tuesday 10 August.

Listen to the Just Checking In Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud and other streaming platforms. 


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