In this episode of Reel Stories, we checked in with Laoise Toye.

Laoise works in television and media and is the host of her own podcast ‘Laoise Online’.

In this episode we discuss: Laoise’s journey into television, from working with a Belfast production company called Stellify to where she is now, her love of theatre and musical theatre and how watching Eurovision for the first time as a child inspired her to want to work in the glamorous world of entertainment.

For industry issues, we discuss work-life balance, accentism she’s faced as an Irish woman living in London, her passion about the Irish language and wanting to keep it visible on television screens.

For Laoise’s mental health, Laoise had experience of bullying growing up and we briefly discuss this and the impact it had on her then, and as an adult.

We also discuss her diagnosis of Endometriosis, which she has lived with as a 14/15-year-old. We talk about the crippling chronic pain it has caused her, which at times has caused exhaustion, fainting and even hospitalisation on a couple of occasions.

We also discuss how it impacts her relationships, career and future fertility concerns.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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