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Behind The Decks – Jafunk – Part 2


In this episode of Behind The Decks we checked back in with Jafunk.

Lachy was the first DJ/producer that we interviewed on the series so we thought it fitting to get him back on to talk about his journey in the last three years since we checked in.

In those three years he’s moved away from Berlin back to Australia and now resides in Lisbon in Portugal.

In this episode we discuss his continued music journey, why he felt Berlin wasn’t the right place for him to succeed musically, the reasons behind the move to Portugal and the pressure he sometimes feels to post continuously on social media.

For Lachy’s mental health, we discuss the improvements he’s made to his physical health and the benefits that’s given his mental health and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people in life.

We finish with a smaller section where our Founder Freddie Cocker and Lachy talk about their growth as people and Lachy asks Freddie a few questions about Vent, his life and the three years between that first episode to now.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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