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Behind The Decks – Snowdream – Part 2


In this episode of Behind The Decks we checked back in with UK producer and DJ, Snowdream.

In Part 1 we talked to Elliot about music perfectionism culture, his bisexuality and the challenges and positives that has brought to his life.

In Part 2 In this episode we discuss his first ever live DJ set at Just Checking In Live #4 (Take Two), his TikTok following he has built and balancing that new venture with being a music producer.

We also have a discussion about his debut album Open Space and his follow up EP Strike and how he feels they were received as well as moving away from Future-Funk and where that scene is now compared to three years ago.

For Elliot’s mental health, we discuss his full-time job situation, whether he wants to ‘work to live’ or ‘live to work’, being made redundant during the Covid-19 period and figuring out what career lane out of the many he could go down in the future.

We finish with an update about his bisexuality and how his perception of himself and how others perceive him has changed now he’s in a heterosexual relationship at time of recording.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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Music: @patawawaStrange
Outro: Snowdream – Launch Pad feat. Strawberry Station


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