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Behind The Mic – Beach For Tiger – Part 2


In this episode of our Behind The Mic series, we checked back in with UK psychedelic-rock band, Beach For Tiger.

In part 2 we checked in with Mick Anderson, who plays drums in the band as well as percussion in Rayowa.

In this episode we discussed how Mick started Beach For Tiger with his brother Pete and how both of them became part of Rayowa.

We talk about the influence of TikTok on songwriting in the music industry and how Mick was able to thrive in school whilst balancing his love of music with his talent and love of football.

For Mick’s mental health, we discuss a pressure Mick felt as the oldest sibling in his family as a teenager and adult in being expected to deal with mental health hardships and challenges that came his way.

We also explore his relationship with his dad whom he has a strong relationship with and the evolving of that relationship as he’s gotten older, him and his dad’s mutual love of watching Arsenal FC play and how his dad suffering an angina attack was a big wakeup call for Mick to make the most of life.

We finish by discussing the danger of your mental health becoming your identity, relationships, heartbreak and a life-threatening experience Mick had whilst travelling in Nepal when he lived through two separate earthquakes and almost died in one of them.

As always, #itsokaytovent

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Outro: Beach For Tiger – Craving



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