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This poem comes from an anonymous Vent Champion. Read about why they felt inspired to write this poem and their mental state below:

This poem is about a girl I love very much, she loved me too but we grew apart recently.

As someone who has, fortunately, never really struggled with mental health – I’ve witnessed the strength it takes for someone going through anxiety, depression, phobias and the like to continue pulling through. My ex girlfriend, we’ll call her B, did struggle for a lot of our three and a half years together.

There’s two points to this story really.

If you’re someone like me, who has a strong and mostly positive mindset, the biggest role you can play is supporting.

I made a mistake trying to be a saviour for B for a lot of our relationship.As a ‘saviour’ I felt that my positivity and confidence would be enough to help B pull through and heal herself. It wasn’t, and it never will be.

I realised towards the end that my role in her life was never to save her from depression or anxiety, but support her through it.

By supporting, the best thing I think I ever did was to help B realise that she is strong. Reflecting on all the times she pulled through, pointing out how far she’s come from when I first met her.In my mind now, as an analogy: a saviour tries to take someone’s hand and drag them out of the darkness. A supporter holds up a mirror, and shows them the light in themselves.

Please don’t misunderstand, my intentions were never bad, I always wanted the best for B, but trying to save her was selfish, I realise now.

I wanted to feel good that I had achieved these things with her. I have grown and I know that she has always been strong, I just helped her realise that strength.

That is something I am infinitely more proud to say.

We split up in March, because, through her own strength, she realised independence for herself, which is something she’s never had before.

I am so proud of the person she’s become.

I am so happy to see her thriving and growing.

I’m also happy to know that she taught me so much too, she supported me – in very different ways but supported nonetheless.

Remember if you’re down that you can draw strength from somebody else, that is not a negative. Supporting someone through dark times is never negative.

Trying to be the only thing they rely on, however, can be.Reflect their best traits back to them, reflect their journey and the distance they’ve come.

Reflect on their achievements. B is the strongest person I know. She thanked me when we broke up for helping her to realise that for herself… and that is more than enough.

Strongest Person

To you, the strongest person I know

You’re not the same person who started the run,
Remember the distance that you have come,
Acknowledge the fact that you are so strong
And please be proud and know you belong.
I can never understand the journey you’ve taken,
But I promise to support you, don’t be mistaken.
I can’t pull you through with loving behaviour,
You don’t need that; you’re your own saviour.
Just always remember the distance you’ve come,
Because you should be proud to know you’re this strong.

This poem was published anonymously.

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